Our process

At Natural Choice we simply make our incenses in a different way. In our process we firstly select the finest raw ingredients that would include spices, herbs, resins, fragrant woods, flower petals to name a few. These ingredients are then ground into a powder form and mixed with honey and aromatic oils to make a dough like mixture "atta". This pliable dough is then roll onto a plain bamboo stick and coated with aromatic wood powder so that the wet sticks do not stick to each other. This is a traditional method which dates back hundreds of years and we are keeping that tradition alive.

This second type of incense was developed as the modern “short-cut” method making incenses. The stick actually begins with an "unscented RAW incense" which is sawdust and or charcoal powder mixed with a binding agent and formed onto to a bamboo stick (these sticks were originally made to light fire crackers). Usually these raw incenses come from factories in China and Vietnam that produce these sticks by the ton. The next step is to mix the fragrance oil with a diluting chemical. This is the main problem with this type of poor quality stick. In order to distribute the fragrance oil (costly ingredient) evenly over thousand of sticks, you have to find a cheap way to increase the “volume” of your fragrance oil in order to coat the unscented incense sticks. The solution that most incense makers use is a diluting chemical such as diethyl phthalate (DEP) or dipropylene glycol (DPG) at about 90%, mixed with about 10% fragrance oil to increase the volume of the fragrance oil. Now the unscented raw incense is literally "dipped" in this chemical concoction to produce a scented or dipped incense stick. The problem of this type of stick is that you are burning about 70% chemical oil with a small amount of fragrance. These chemicals DEP and DPG are toxic and were NEVER DESIGNED TO BE BURNED, that's why many users complain of headaches and watery eyes when they experience these dipped incenses. THIS IS HOW 98% OF THE INCENSE AROUND THE WORLD ARE MADE !!! (Natural Choice Incense are NOT made this way).

Many European countries have even BANNED these chemical dipped incenses.

Now you have a better understanding of what goes into making a NATURAL CHOICE incense and a DIPPED SCENTED incense.
You decide what would you prefer to use, Natural Choice incense or a chemical dipped incense?