Three wise men incense

3 Wise Men Incense

Traditional incense originally gifted to Christ by the Three Wise Men from the east

Don't take our word for it


Being a hippie child from the 60s, I have always loved incense/aromatherapy. I must say, these are probably the very best incense I have ever had in my home. I was very skeptical but they are everything the box says they are. Much less smoke and none of that fufu perfumy smell. I use aroma therapy for my spirit-man so the white sage was my first purchase. Very soothing and comforting. My Spirit-Man is happy!

D. Hawland

Los Angeles, CA


I really enjoy the quality of this product! It isn't cheaply made and looks good! I will definitely purchase again. It also doesn't produce any toxic smoke due to it being natural.

Orlando Dalmacio

Memphis, TN


One of my favorite incense brands. I’m sensitive to candles/smoke (itchy throat, eyes, nose, etc.) but have never had a problem with their scents. It burns for a long time, the scent lingers without being being cloying. Guests often comment how they like the smell.


Brooksville, FL


I have an unusually sensitive nose but I also love having a nice smelling scent in our home after a deep cleaning of the house. I tried other incenses but they gave me an immediate head ache so I thought I would give these a try and I absolutely love them!

Lazz D.

Sedona, AZ