Our History


Our founder C.N Bulsara and his family, spend 3 month in India, living in an ashram in Ganesh Puri, a small village in the outskirts of Mumbai India. Finding peace through meditation and the guidance of his guru. After he returns to the UK he longs for the atmosphere of the ashram, so he seeks the makers of some of the finest incenses made in India. Soon after, begins importing just one incense fragrance.



He was the very first person to introduce natural incenses to the UK and European market, exhibited at London's Mind, Body & Spirit festival. He continued to slowly grow awareness for this unique type of incense.



In this year, he moves from UK to USA and settles in central Florida. At this time his son's also join incense business that is known as the Bombay Incense Company and brings his quality incenses to the north American market. They grow their incense offerings for the next 15 years, expanding their products throughout the USA.


The founder goes back to India and establishes a small scale incense production in Vasai, India just a 30 minute drive from the ashram in Ganesh Puri that started his connection with incense almost 30 years prior. 


-We officially launch the Natural Choice Incense brand exclusively available online NOT AVAILABLE IN SHOPS.


-In this year we build our state of the art factory in Sativali, Vasai. Our processes and operation is made to international standards. We operate according to the principles of Fair Trade, where our employees can work in a harmonious environment with good pay and great working conditions.



-This is the first time that we enter the USA market, introducing traditional incenses, a far cry from the chemical dipped incenses that make up the majority sold in this market.



-The very first product was imported into the UK market. For the very first time, a natural incense that was made available, where the established products were cheap chemical filled incenses. Our natural alternative was like a breath of fresh air. Since then our products have found themselves in some the most exclusive retailers, boutiques and spa's.